Monday, September 10, 2012

Perfect kids bike fit (part 2) from Harlingen bike shop
In the most recent blog post from our Harlingen bike shop, we discussed the sizing of children's bicycles, and the importance of proper fit. No kid should have to ride an ill-fitting bike! While it might seem like a good idea to get a size up for growth, an oversized bike can be difficult, frustrating, and dangerous for a child to ride. Before purchasing a bike, choose a good size for your kid by checking standover height. As your child grows, knowing how to adjust the seat will allow for some growth with their bike before you have to replace it.

To check standover height, have your child straddle the top bar of the bike with feet planted on the ground. There should be 1-2"  of space between their groin area and the top tube. 

Next, adjust the seat's height. Position the seat so your child can be in a comfy riding position. Kids should ride in a mostly upright position. Their elbows should be gently bent with their hands on the grips. Allow slight flex in their knee at the bottom of a pedal stroke, not hyper-extension. 

Come into our shop in Harlingen to see our selection of quality kid's bike that can safely withstand tough riding providing lasting enjoyment.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Perfect kids bike fit from Harlingen bike shop

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Our Harlingen bike shop has been sharing our tricks of the trade for selecting a proper bike fit, and making adjustments. Each style of bike has it's own fit guidelines, that will maximize the benefits for it's particular type of riding. Proper fit is important for safety and will improve comfort, ergonomics, performance, and efficiency of your bicycle. 
We covered guidelines for mountain bikes, and in this two part post we examine children's bike sizing and fitting.
Kids’ bikes are sized according to the size of the wheel, not the frame. A great way to start is to come into a local bicycle retailer with your kid, and have a bicycle expert direct you to the right size. If your child is pretty average sized for their age, the wheel sizes translate approximately as follows:

14"-  4 to 6 years 
16"- 5 to 8 years 
18-20"- 7- to 10-years
24"- 10 and up
You can use this chart as a starting point, but you should make your selection by fitting the bike to your child's body, not their age.

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